1. What is a 140/170mm basepad?

 This  is a measurement that is commonly used across some of the major shooting  sports.  When we call a basepad a “140mm basepad” what are saying is:   when you put this basepad on the full-size magazine it was intended for,  your entire magazine length will be approximately 140mm.  These  shooting sports have limits on certain divisions where the shooter can  be penalized if his magazine exceeds 140mm, or 170mm for other  divisions. 

It is 100% up to the customer to “gauge”, test, and thoroughly check their equipment before any competition. 

2. What capacity should I be getting with my 140/170?

 Using  the description of what a 140mm basepad is (see above), this tells us  that since not all magazines start out the same length, that not all  “140’s” will be the same size and give the same amount of added  capacity.  In some cases, you may get a +3 to +4 (9mm), while others you  are looking at +5 to +6.  We don’t like to give a hard and definite  “you WILL get this amount in your magazine” because frankly, it can  vary. 

What you WILL get is increased capacity, which is good!   Any estimations we do provide, however, are based on using 9mm ammo and  using your stock follower and one of our extra power magazine springs  (more on those in a bit).  Generally, you can just subtract one round of  estimated capacity for .40 applications. 

3. 140/170 not getting full capacity

 As  with many aftermarket parts and accessories, sometimes there is a  minimal amount of configuring needed to get the desired compatibility.  This is especially true when the factory part is extremely mass produced  (like a plastic follower). A common issue with extended capacity  basepads being used for the first time is finding that you aren’t  getting that extra capacity. 

What is most likely happening is one of two things:

1.  The follower is catching on something when trying to go down into the  basepad.  Whether its the bottom of the magazine tube body (where the  follower doesn’t normally go down that far) or the aftermarket basepad  itself.  Fill the magazine up to capacity, put your thumb over the top  round, pressing down into the magazine.  Hit/smack the magazine firmly  downward in a stabbing motion on something firm (but not damaging, like a  carpeted floor).  This should force the follower past whatever its  catching on.  A lot of times this will solve the problem.  If the issue  persists, simply take the follower out and just put it through the  bottom of the tube body or basepad with your fingers or pliers or  something, you will usually be able to identify exactly what part is too  long or tight and then just kiss that part of the follower with some  sandpaper or a file.  VERY LITTLE is needed.  Give it one swipe, test  it, repeat if necessary.  Do not remove too much material.

2.   The spring is binding/flipping when installing.  Sometimes the spring  will flip so that it is not against the bottom of the basepad, but  instead flipped to the side wall or something similar.  Usually you can  fix this by slapping the empty magazine firmly in your hand a few times  till you hear it "right" itself inside.  Once installed, you can  slightly back off the extension and look down inside with a flashlight  to see the status of the spring. 

4. What’s the deal with the “Spring/Follower option” and what are extra power springs/grams? Do I need them?

 When your magazine is originally  designed to be a certain length, they develop a spring for it that is  meant to provide the appropriate tension over that distance.  Since  we’ve just changed that distance by adding an extra capacity basepad  (140/170), we often need to switch to a spring that will provide  sufficient tension.  If you do not, there is a good chance that you will  find that your magazines no longer feed reliably and/or your slide will  not lock back after last shot fired.  We sell our 140/170’s by default  with an extra power spring.  If you have your own extra power springs  you can select the option to not get an extra power spring.  Our springs  for 140mm basepads are 11 coil, while the 170’s use 13 coil.

One  additional option for many of our extended capacity basepads are Grams  Follower Kits, made by Grams Engineering.  They have made a handy  upgrade that comes with both an extra power spring of the appropriate  length and their own aftermarket follower that adds one extra round of  extended capacity!   

5. Which XDM basepads do I order...dimpled/square?

 This can depend on if you are using 9mm or .40.  Please see pictures on the product description pages.

 If  you are shooting .40, you will need to order the “Dimpled” basepads,  and then use those in conjunction with the locking tab floorplate that  you have with your factory magazine.

If you are shooting 9mm,  things get a little more complicated.  Now, you will need to take every  magazine apart to see which type you have.  If your springs have the  little “v” notch on the bottom that locks down into the basepad, then  you have dimpled springs and need to order dimpled basepads.  If your  springs are totally flat on the bottom base coil and lock into a little  raised catch on the basepad, then you have square style springs and need  to order a square style basepad.  If you have 6 magazines, you could  have three of one style and three of another, so its up to you to make  sure you are ordering the correct basepads! 

6. Which CZ basepads do I order?

 CZ makes a great deal of variants  for very similar products and it can get quite difficult to get  compatible aftermarket parts for the casual user.  For the CZ75, and  variants that use standard CZ75 parts (you need to do the research on  your exact model), then we make non-capacity extending basepads for the  16rd, 17rd, and 18rd magazines.  If you have a 17rd MecGar mag, then  order the basepads for 17rd magazine, so on and so forth.  If you put a  basepad for 18rd magazine on a 16rd mag for example, the basepad will  fit just fine, however your magazine is not going to seat into the gun!   You can put a 16rd basepad on an 18rd mag and it will fit just fine,  however you will have a gap between the basepad and the frame of the  gun. 

Our customers in State regulated low-capacity areas have  reported to us that the basepads for 17rd magazines seem to be the  correct fit for full size 10rd mags (such as California mags) and for  the 15rd full size mags (such as New Jersey mags).  These were not  designed with these mags in mind and have not been tested, but we have  many great customers that provide us with their personal experiences and  we like to pass this information along to you!

If you have this  variant, or that variant, or what about that other variant…the answer is  pretty much the same.  You need to research your platform and if your  gun uses the same mags as a standard CZ75 then there should be  compatibility, however we cannot guarantee fit with anything other than  the platform we designed them for. 

7. What does laser engraving...numbering/name mean?  What do I put in the numbering field?

 Some of our parts, particularly basepads, allow the option to add engraving at the time of order.  The  most common would be the numbering.  You can just put “1-3” if you are  getting three basepads, for example.  You can use the special  instructions to clarify if you feel the need.  We try to follow the customer’s instructions exactly, so if put “#1”, we will engrave it with the number symbol.  Please note that if you get three pads numbered  now, and three more numbered 4-6 a month from now, the exact placement  and final engraving may not match the first 3 100%.

For the  ‘name’ section, again we will follow you as exactly as possible.  If you  use all caps, we will use all caps for example.  Again, engraving done  on one order may not exactly match engraving from a separate order.  The  ‘name’ section is used for anything that isn’t simple numbering.  


8. XDM 5.25" mounts instructions/precautions

 The XDM 5.25 has a unique rear  sight configuration as most of us know.  It does not employ a dovetail  like every other XD and XDM.  Our mount uses the single threaded hole in  the slide which normally secures the adjustable rear sight.  It is very  important that all steps be taken to make the mount as secure as  possible.  The screw that holds the mount to the slide is rated for 16.1  inch lbs. of torque.  You should clean/degrease the threaded hole and  screw and follow all Loctite procedures.  It is important that you allow  at least 24 hours of cure time once Loctite has been applied.  However,  do not over use the Loctite, as it can leak down through the hole into  the slide and gum up the internals.  You can put a drop or two of  Loctite on the square area where that the rear part of the mount rests  on, with the intent of reducing any gap and making a tighter seal. 

9.  My dovetail mount slides in easily and is not press it too small?

 Our dovetail mounts are not made to  be “press fit” tight.  There are two set screws that are in the  dovetail section that will tighten down and create tension, as well as  two fore and aft set screws used for adjusting the plane.  These fore  and aft screws are polymer tipped to not mark up the finish on your  slide.  We provide Loctite for final installation, however, we recommend  dry fitting the installation first before a final, Loctite  installation.  


10.  Will I need reduced power recoil springs?

 Ultimately, it will be up to your  testing at the range to decide what recoil springs you will need.  Keep  in mind that your gun was engineered very precisely to run a certain  way.  If you do something to change that, it can certainly affect the  reliability of your firearm.  A compensator, the actual load of your  ammo, and your recoil spring will all work together to determine how the  gun runs.  Many people will buy two or three different weights of  springs to fine tune their load and their compensator.  One reason why  many people go to a guide rod that will allow them to use 1911 springs  is because of the wider variety of spring weights available for 1911’s.  

11. What weight recoil springs do I need?  What load should I shoot?

 As mentioned in the above entry: we  cannot tell you exactly what springs you need.  The ammo you are  shooting, the muzzle device you are using, and other factors may  determine what springs are going to work for you.  That being said, the  most common springs we sell for XD/XDM pistols are the 14 and 16lb  springs.

We would refer you to Brian Enos’ Forums for advice or information on loads.  


12. What barrel size do I order?  I have a 5.25 but want threading, do I order a 6"?

 You do not need to order “up a  size” when selecting a barrel if you intend to get threading.  If you  have an XDM 5.25 and want a threaded barrel, do not order the 6”.    Order the 5.25 and just select the option for the threading you want and  we’ll get you the appropriate size.  Same goes for the other sizes…just  order it for the gun you have.  

13. What’s difference between gunsmith fit/drop in fit?

 All the BarSto barrels we sell  start out as 6” barrel stock with no fitting done.  When you order a  barrel we give you a couple options.  The most common is “Drop-In Fit”.   This is also referred to as “semi-fit”.  When you order one, we take a  6” barrel blank and fit it to whatever model you order it for, in our  shop.  So, if you order a drop-in for an XDM 4.5, we will cut the barrel  to length, crown the barrel, and fit the barrel to one of our XDM 4.5’s  that we have.  This makes it a generic fit to your gun.  With this  option, there is always a chance that it will not be a perfect fit for  you gun and will need further fitting.  Accuracy guarantees from BarSto  is higher if you have a match fitting done, as opposed to a generic drop  in fit.

Another option is the “Gunsmith Fit”.  If you ordered a  gunsmith fit barrel for an XDM 4.5, we will cut the barrel to length,  crown the barrel, and send it to you so you can have your own gunsmith  do a match fitting to YOUR gun. Fitting to your own slide is always  preferable to a generic fit.  Always choose a competent and experienced  gunsmith as we cannot accept returns or warranty a barrel that has been  modified by someone outside of our shop. 

The third option is to  have us perform a match fitting for you.  You can get an XD/XDM work  order form from our gunsmith services page at  We  charge $75 for the match fitting and this is the best option for  ensuring you get the best fit for your gun and barrel.  You will have  the tightest tolerances and we will guaranty our work and this is the  best way to get the most accuracy for your money with an aftermarket  barrel. 

17. Where's my barrel? I ordered it a week ago, and haven't heard anything.

 Our shop is quite busy with our  gunsmithing services and a barrel falls under that category.  Since we  make all barrels to order, it can take 4+ weeks to get your barrel out  to you.  It can depend on the time of the year, or current workload, and  sometimes is less than two weeks…or if service loads are unusually high  then it could take 6 weeks.  The most common turnaround time is in the  3-4 week frame.  We appreciate your patience in allowing us to give the  proper attention and time to each and every order in our gunsmith  services queue. 

18. What's the difference between compensator and suppressor threading?

 We use the same threading either  way, but the difference is the offset/distance from the end of the  slide.  If you put our compensator on a barrel threaded for suppressor,  you would have a larger gap between the comp and the slide.  While still  100% functional, most people do not like the aesthetics.  Most factory  threaded barrels are made for suppressors.  We do make a compensator for  factory threaded barrels, available for the XDM 4.5 and the Sig P320.   These are noted as such in the product description.


19. Are you products compatible with (other company's) products?  Vice versa?

 We cannot guarantee compatibility  between our products and other manufacturer’s products.  This questions  comes up the most regarding compatibility between basepads and  magwells. 

**A couple exceptions at the time of this writing:   For the M&P, our basepads are compatible with Speed Shooter  Specialties’ magwells.  Same with our basepads and Pistol Gear’s  magwells for XD/XDM.  

20. Why does my anodizing not match the color I got last time?

 From batch to batch, anodizing  shades can and do vary quite often.  This is very common in the industry  and can be noticeable in the blues, reds, oranges, etc.  Blacks are  very consistent, however.  We try our hardest to make sure we match  colors to the best of our abilities and always strive to use the best  anodizing vendors available.  

21. Do you do dealer pricing?

 Please contact us at for dealer inquiries.  Thank you! 

22. What is your return policy?

 We're committed to your satisfaction, guaranteed.

If  you would like to exchange an item due to defect, return an item for  refund if you received an incorrect item, or your product arrived  damaged, please return it within 30 days of your product's shipping  date.

Returns not due to the previous are subject to a 10%  restocking fee. Exchanges not due to the previous will require $5 for  return shipping of the desired item, if approved.  The order date is  available on your original order receipt, available from your account  online.  Please contact us at to approve  your return and let us know what’s going on.

Items returned must  be in new condition.  This includes any damage to the anodizing finish.   For example, if you can see shiny metal showing through the inside  tracks of a basepad because you fit it on your magazine, it is not a new  product at that point and we cannot resell it.

Always make sure  to include a note with your name/phone/email/invoice number/reason for  return if you send us a return/exchange.  If we cannot identify what you  sent us, we cannot do anything with it. 


23. What trigger job/gunsmithing can I get done?


Please  visit our Work Order Forms page to download the proper form.  These are  interactive PDF forms that are best viewed on your computer's dedicated  PDF viewer.  You can go through the drop down menus to look at the  options, services, and pricing available.  Our number one service would  be our trigger jobs.

Combat/Carry Trigger: Reduces the total travel down to 1/4" with an 1/8" of pre-travel and an  1/8" of sear engagement/reset. The trigger pull weight will be reduced  to 4 pounds. The combat/carry trigger job costs $150

Competition Trigger: Reduces the total travel down to 1/4" with an 1/8" of pre-travel and  less than an 1/8" of sear engagement/reset (actual reduction varies  between models). You choose a custom trigger pull weight from 2.5 to 4  pounds (.25lb increments). The competition trigger job costs $175

Prices  do not include shipping. You can request a FedEx Shipping prepaid label  from us that will save you 35% on round-trip shipping, and we will bill  your shipping costs on your final invoice. We cap the round-trip  shipping charges so that you will not pay more than $95 for one pistol.   All pistols being sent in must be sent via contract carrier with  overnight service and cannot be shipped via USPS.

24. Can I get my XD/XDM slide milled for red dot?

 Unfortunately  we do not mill XD/XDM slides for red dot at this time.  We cannot mill  it deep enough to sink it down into the slide like we do with many other  pistols, such as the P320, Glocks, select CZ's, M&P's, HK VP9, etc.   This is due to the design and location of the internals and the amount  of "meat" there is to work with.  

If  you would like your CZ/SIG/M&P/VP9/Glock slide milled for red-dot,  please visit our work order form page and download the proper form.

25. Can I get Ionbond?

 Unfortunately we no longer offer Ionbond or DLC/PVD services.  

26.  Can I get a trigger job on my xxxxx?


While  we specialize in our XD/XDM trigger jobs, for which we've developed our  own proprietary sears and trigger bars, we also can do installs for  some other pistols as well.  We have a very good 1911 gunsmith and can  do trigger tuning with your stock parts or even top of the line  competition aftermarket parts and really perfect your trigger.

We  can also do Apex Tactical installs on your M&P, Ghost trigger  installs on your Glock, and Apex installs on your CZ.

27. Can I get a (xxxxxxx) made for me specially since you don't make one for my model of gun?

 Unfortunately our very busy  machining and design schedules do not allow custom or one-off parts  designs or production at this time.  If you are interested in production  in quantity (normally at least 100 quantity)  you may contact us and we can discuss your request. 

28.  Can I get an ETA on my work?

 For  our gunsmith services, our customer service dept. will not have updated  info on the status of your gunsmith work.  We receive it and check it  in, then we get it to our gunsmith at our machine shop, who is a  dedicated Springer Precision employee and machinist, from there, it will  go into the queue to be worked on.  Once it is done, it will get back  to us at our customer service and shipping/receiving hub to get its  final invoicing at which point we will get payment and shipping  finalized.  

Up  until its in our hands again, we do not have "status updates" readily  available and will slow all our departments down trying to track this  down.  We don't mind getting it to you if absolutely necessary, but when  our turnaround time is 4 weeks, please try and refrain from contacting  us a week after we've received it, asking if we are done or have an  update for you.  Thank you very much for you patience and allowing us to  give the proper time and attention to all our customer's firearms.

29.  What are differences between the grip treatments available on your work order form?



Marine Grip



30. How do I request a FedEx label?


You  can go to our Work Order Forms page and fill out the form to request a  FedEx label for shipping your gun to us for work.  This is reserved for  shipping full guns/serialized frames as it is the most expensive.  This  allows you to save on our discounted shipping, up to 30%.   Make sure  you provide us with your address when you request it or it will delay  the process while we reply to you to get that required information.  The  labels are good for 30 days once we create them, and we will email you a  PDF copy of the label for you to print out.

The  law requires anyone who does not have a Federal Firearms License to  ship a handgun via next-day shipping with a contract carrier, not USPS.   With our discounted shipping, we will not charge more than $95 for  round trip overnight.  

If  you are shipping a slide or anything else that is NOT a serialized  frame, USPS priority is a great and affordable option.  Sig P320 Grip  Modules without the fire control unit do not count as a gun/frame and  can be shipped any method.

31.  What if I send my gun in parts, can I ship it USPS/ground then?

 Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way.  ANY TIME that you ship  the serialized frame (or fire control unit in Sig P320, at time of  writing...this may change as modular handguns become more prevalent), in  any manner of disassembly, you are legally shipping the firearm.   

32. Do you export to (xxxxxx) country?

 We ship to Canada via our webstore (certain restrictions apply) but any  other export request must be sent to our friends at